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The Experience Design Awards, (formerly the Experience Design & Technology Awards), recognize outstanding event design, innovative builds and environmental creativity across a wide variety of consumer-targeted and business-to-business event formats. A jury of brand-side judges will review consumer event activations, b-to-b experiences and trade show footprints, and will award winning creative teams with a gold, silver, bronze or “shortlist” award based on overall creative strategy, originality, and how the design and execution ultimately engaged audiences.

Entries received by 11:59 PM ET on September 23 are $295 each.

Entries received after midnight ET on September 23 are $370 each. 

Use this easy, self-service portal for all entry submissions. To begin your entry, ENTER NOW and proceed with the below. (If you already have an account or need to log in to complete your drafts, simply sign in on the left.)

  1. Select a category you'd like to enter. (Note: you'll have the option to copy your intitial entry into multiple categories before checkout. The entry fee is per category. If you have any entry information you need to edit to better tailor it to the category, you'll have the option to edit your entry information per category.)
  2. Answer all questions to advance to the next screen.
  3. Complete the entry questions and click SAVE AND NEXT.
  4. Upload all supporting materials and select SAVE at the bottom of the page. Once saved click ADD TO CART.
  5. Copy your entries into other categories if you wish, otherwise enter your payment information and then PROCESS to officially submit your entries.

Questions? Contact Emily Makadok at emakadok@accessintel.com.

Best of luck!